Heather Carol


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I am a figurative artist specialising in detailed, often symbolic work. I create paintings and drawings in all 2d media, most recently in Scratcboard and in various media on Clayboard. Please take a look at my Gallery page. Left: Heather Carol (2020). Photo: John Paul O'Neill.


This question is often asked. The answer is yes - providing that the artist is using high quality pigmented artists pencils and acid free paper or other archival supports. Coloured pencil is now receiving long overdue appreciation as a Fine Art medium and beautiful work by very talented coloured pencil artists can be seen in many galleries, exhibitions and online sites . The UK Coloured Pencil Society promotes the appreciation of this medium and the UKCPS celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2021.

Left: Brown Hare - coloured pencil on watercolour paper 2020

Title image: Sapphic - egg tempera on a true gesso panel. 46cm x 46cm 2016.

All artworks and some artwork photography

(C) Heather Carol.

Other photographs by John Paul O'Neill, Debbie Humphry, and Yannick Yannof.