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I have a rare neurological condition called Myoclonic Dystonia. This condition causes involuntary movements, including shakes and tremors in the hands. This means that I cannot draw or paint unless my hand is supported, and steadied. However, as the saying goes - "where there's a will there's a way".

All of my drawings and paintings are created with the paper or board lying flat upon a desk. I then support my hand on the surface of the paper or board as I work. This helps me to achieve the movements needed to create the detailed textures within my work.

I protect the surface of my painting or drawing with printer paper, and generally work from top left to bottom right when creating my drawing or painting.

Each drawing or painting takes a minimum of 100 hours to create due to the level of detail and the many layers of pencil, pen or paint which are needed to create it.

I am a full time wheelchair user and am mute, and use my experiences of life and the responses, good and bad, of Society to my disabilities, to create my artwork and poetry. The majority of my creative work explores my thoughts and emotions.

In my experience I have found that many within Society can have stereotypical and often very negative, views of gender, the diversity of sexual orientataion, and disability. Within my work I aim to challenge these sterotypical perceptions, and hopefully raise awareness of different, and more positive, views.

Photo: Heather Carol giving a slide presentation at the InPractice evening at the Royal Academy on 20th September 2019