Heather Carol



ROSE (detail of larger  41cm x 51cm composition).

Scratchboard and ink.


The image of this Rose was engraved using an art knife and then coloured with ink. The Scratchboard  is a wonderful surface to use in order to create fine detail and the surface can be engraved a number of times to create depth and texture in the image. Scratchboard images can be coloured by using inks, watercolours, acrylics or coloured pencils over the engraved areas. These areas can then be engraved and coloured again in a number of layers. Scratchboard is hardboard covered with a layer of Kaolin clay which is finely sanded to create a smooth surface. The Kaolin is then coated with a layer of Indian Ink. Scratchboards are made by Ampersand, and a similar product (this time with a cardboard backing) is made by Essdee. Both Scratchboard and Scraperboard are archival. Scratchboard is finally, as with coloured pencil, being accepted as a Fine Art medium. The work of amazing Scratchboard artists can be seen in the website and Facebook page of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists