2019. 45cm x 30cm on watercolour paper.

 Goldpoint,coloured pencil, watercolour, acrylic, shell gold, (23.5ct), shell silver and pen and ink.

 This piece combines a number of drawing and water based media. The composition includes elements inspired  by the poems of the ancient greek poet Sappho, with images inspred by LGBTQI+ history, and my own life experiences.


                           'From a spectrim of tones,

                            in hues of diversity,

                            the artist models city life.'

                           From 'Reflections'

                            (c) Heather Carol


 I am currently working on a series of mixed media pieces on heavyweight watercolour paper, of which 'A Sapphic Journey' is an example. Mixing media allows an artist to explore ways of conveying textures and light effects. In 'A Sapphic Journey' I have used coloured pencil to create the Fox's fur, but to give more depth I have worked certain areas in Shell Gold so that the fur will glint in certain lights- just as a Fox's fur would glint in the sunlight. Shell gold is powdered gold which is mixed with Gum Arabic. Shell gold dries to a matt finish and can then be burnished to make the gold shine with an Agate stone. 



                                              Pen and Ink and Acrylic on Claybord.

                                              30cm x 40cm

                                        This painting is both a general statement about the challenges facing disabled people, and a very personal one. I have portrayed my hand painting other elements of the work in order to show that some difficulties can be overcome. (more about this in the section - About the Artist).

                                        The paintaing has layers of symbolism including the Heron, which symbolises Determination, and Silver Birch which symbolises New Beginnings.

                                        This work was created on Claybord which is hardboard covered with layers of pressed clay. This is an archival surface and allows textures to be created by engraving into the clay surface.

                                         The coloured images have been created using transparent Acrylic glazes so that each layer enhances and shows through the previous layer. The pen and ink stippling work within the piece (such as in the detail of the face) shows through the glazes.