Detail from SPRING Coloured pencil (Derwent Lightfast) on Clayboard. 18" x 24"

These are starting details for this large piece, which includes a full-sized Hare, her Leveret, a Green Woodpecker in flight, and loads of spring plants. My work often contains layers of symbolism and this piece is no exception. This work was inspired by the Spring Equinox and explores themes such as rebirth and finding balance within our lives. Large highly detailed drawings can take a minimum of 100 - 200 hours to complete.


                           'From a spectrim of tones,

                            in hues of diversity,

                            the artist models city life.'

                           From 'Reflections'

                            (c) Heather Carol


Clayboard is hardboard covered with layers of pressed clay. This is an archival surface which is suitable for a variety of art media including pencils and ink. Textures can be engraved into the surface using Scraperboard or other varities of engraving tools. THe engraved textures can create additional depth in the composition and extremely life-like effects for hair, fur etc.

                                         WORK IN PROGRESS DETAIL FROM



                                        This work in progress detail along with the Hare detail above shows how my drawings begin. This detail shows a Leveret (baby Hare) snuggled into it's form (scrape in the grass made by the mother Hare), and a Harvest Mouse in the grass.

                                        The technique of engraving into Clayboard combined with detailed drawing can create very dramatic and life-like images.

The coloured pencils whicjh I use are very highly pigmented and are archival like the Clayboard - both the Clayboard and the pencils will last for generations.