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40cm x 30cm

Oil on aluminium panel

Inspired by Oscar Wilde's only novel this piece compares and contrasts elements of Oscar Wilde's life with the plot of his novel.  The plot of the novel centres upon a full length portrait of a young man which over time ages while the man retains his youthful appearance. The relationship which Oscar Wilde had with Lord Alfred Douglas, and the views of the society of the time to those who identified as LGBTQI,  were just as toxic as the pact made by the novel's central character.


THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY is painted on an aluminium panel. These panels are archival and a very beautiful surface for an artist to work on. I prepare the panels with two coats of a high quality, non-absorbant acrylic primer. This then prevents any of the oil within the paint being dragged into the painting surface and dulling the sheen of the oil painted images.  I use Old Holland oil paints which are very highly pigmented and archival. These paints are manufactured using only linseed oil as a binder for the pigment.

                                        BROWN HARE

                                        21cm x 27cm 2020

                                        Coloured pencil on

                                         watercolour paper.

Coloured pencils are a much maligned and overlooked media. However, manufacturers now produce pencils which are very highly pigmented and archival. These can be used on a number of different surfaces to create lasting images.